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Kolay ev sahibi olmak artık mümkün

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong, it’s now possible to have an easy host. Because the gospel came from the banks for non-citizens. Banks lowered the loan interest rates to below 1.50 percent. Thousands of people who thought of buying a home laughed.

Good news in the real estate sector came one after the other. For those who want to get housing, a gospel came from banks. Banks started to cut interest rates on housing loans in a row.

13.120 TL Advantage

According to current data, the monthly interest rate in housing loans decreased from 1.63 percent to 1.49 percent. VakıfBank and Halbank offer the lowest interest rate. Accordingly, the customer will use 100 thousand housing loans with a maturity of 10 years and this advantage is 13 thousand 120 TL.

Interest rates average 1.9 percent

The decline in housing loan interest rates for about 4 months has also accelerated in recent weeks. The mortgage loan rates, which were 2.17 percent at the beginning of February, dropped to 1.9 percent at the end of February.

5 lowered the bank

While interest rate cuts in the last week of February, Garanti Bank, ING Bank, Kuveyt Turk Bank, Turkey Finance and the Bank entered Anadolubank discount. Currently, the lowest monthly payments for a 120-month term mortgage loan of 100 thousand liras is equal to TL 216,602, while the total monthly repayment to TL 1,794 is equivalent to TL 216,602.

Mortgage loans fell below 1.50 percent to make citizens smile. Those who want to have the most appropriate credit to take advantage of the banks took the road. As of this year, home sales are expected to accelerate and increase.


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