Seeking Perfection

If you are looking for perfection, you know well that you need to catch the perfect to reach the ideal.

When life makes choices in front of you, you always go after the best, and you want to get the full value of your expectations.

If you are determined to proceed on the road to perfection, you will not take less, you will take your search to the end.

Brought Excellence, Reward!

For those of you who seek excellence, you know that you need to catch the perfect to reach the ideal. When life makes choices in front of you, you always go after the best, and you want to get the full value of your expectations.

If you are determined to proceed on the road to perfection, you will not take less, you will take your search to the end. Because perfectionism is the goal of the highest standards.

As a real estate company that always targets the highest standards, we have built Cebeci Residance Pendik; the original architectural design and brought a new breath to the city.

The distribution of Turkey’s most prestigious real estate award with the privileges Sign of the City Ongoing in Awards Competition Projects category of the 2014 ‘Best Multi-Storey Residential Project’ ‘award by taking perfection crowned our pursuit of that quest.

We invite you to take part in Cebeci Residance to experience the privileges of an award-winning project.

Redefined Excellence

It is an architecturally perfect project with its modern architecture, original designs and balconies that carry the spectacular view into the center of your life.

Cebeci Residence Pendik, which has been living with the high vision of Cebeci Group, makes excellence the subject of your life with the innovative designs it uses in both interior and exterior architecture.

The modern architecture, complementing aesthetics with functionality, opens the doors of a pleasant life full of privileges to you and your loved ones, while the large balconies that are designed for you to enjoy the magnificent sea view allow you to look at life with a completely different view.

Cebeci Residence Pendik is one of the most special projects of Istanbul with its quality in even the finest details. Cebeci Residence Pendik, which has a housing, office and commercial concept, makes the perfect world of your dreams come true with residential options ranging from 59 m2 to 400 m2.

In a special location with views over the islands rising Cebeci Residence Pendik, AVM’si, sports fields, offers you a luminous life itself with its cafes and restaurants.

Pendik Marina is just a walking distance away. A pleasant walk on the beach at the first day of the day or on the beach will make you feel much better.

Moreover, Cebeci Residence Pendik is located in one of the luckiest areas of Istanbul in terms of transportation. Metro and sea bus are right next to you. It is very easy to reach TEM and E-5 connections from the coastal road.

The roads leading to the Bosphorus Bridge and the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge pass through the region. The high-speed train also offers you a superior alternative to the transportation. Also, Cebeci Residence Pendik is a 5-minute drive from Marmara University Hospital and 15 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

“The perfect view of the Marmara Sea and the Princes’ Islands, with its magnificent view, is an excellent project.

“Cebeci Residence Pendik, which brings the unprecedented beauty of the Marmara Sea to the center of your life, opens the door to a life of comfort and pleasure.

Its unique scenery appeals to all your senses. High glass applications that reflect the sea view as far as possible to your window add freshness to your life, make you feel like you are in the center of life.

The spacious balconies, designed for you to enjoy the magnificent view, complement the elegant ambience of Cebeci Residence Pendik and turn every moment into a visual feast.

“Socially excellent project with the opportunities that bring together all the colors of life from shopping to entertainment, from sport to art.

“Cebeci Residence Pendik, which brings everything you need for a perfect life, has been considered every detail that will make you happy.

With the fitness center where you can enjoy the sport, the swimming pool that will bring you the stress of the day, the sports fields which are indispensable for the healthy life and the places that will bring your shopping pleasure to the peak, Cebeci Residence Pendik offers many alternatives that will enrich your social life.

You can start your day at Cebeci Residence Pendik, enjoy yourself at the pool, pamper yourself at shopping, or color your social life with gyms or various activities.

If you wish, you can go to the marina right next to you and you can sign unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Cebeci Residence in Pendik, which differs with the services of distinguished residence, • Outdoor – indoor swimming pool • Fitness center • Billiards • Turkish bath • Spa • Health center • Lounge • Floor gardens • Restaurant • Cafeteria / Vitamin Bar • There are many possibilities to make your life colorful and easy as a valet service.Cebeci Residence Pendik makes luxury a lifestyle for you.

“It is an economically perfect project with its investment potential with its location, architecture and social facilities.

Cebeci Residence Pendik, which is at the junction of trade, life and entertainment centers, is realizing the right investment approach with its elite housing options.

The location of the sea, its modern architecture and the privileges of living in the very center of life make Cebeci Residence Pendik a prestigious investment with high prestige.

Cebeci Residence Pendik, which consists of residential and office blocks, offers you a unique investment opportunity with housing options that can meet different expectations from 1 + 1 to 4 + 1.

With affordable payment plans, Cebeci Residence Pendik invites you to live a profitable investment and life.

Cebeci Residence By taking your place in Pendik, you will add value to your today’s and invest in your future.

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